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Default Re: Scrubdrick Scrubkins


Kendrick Perkins ‏@KendrickPerkins
Don't understand how many times I have to call my homies before they pick up , SMH , @EMaynor3 @russwest44

Kendrick Perkins ‏@KendrickPerkins
Too all my haters , check my win percentage since I Been in Okc , Crazy

Kendrick Perkins ‏@KendrickPerkins
So my lil bro @RajonRondo is just not gonna follow me? Smh I hope he comes in 7th place in his next teach me how to dougie contest lol

Kendrick Perkins ‏@KendrickPerkins
To all my thunder fans ,if u are a true fan , than tell me what Russ eat before the game

Kendrick Perkins ‏@KendrickPerkins
Chillin with @russwest44 and @EMaynor3 and @rjokcson_15 on the way to my crib and chill , we fam outside of basketball
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