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Default Re: Scrubdrick Scrubkins

Originally Posted by pnyozzzoo
They would be better with Collison full time VS the Heat in the Final. Perk is a scrub and he actually got worse than when was with the celtics, not just no.s.
his movements, hands, brain, awareness, and he falls allover the floor.

The Heat definitely exploited him. However, I'd say the Heat exploited the whole Thunder team. Any time you run that small ball lineup and get away with it, it's more than just one person's fault.

He didn't get worse, I don't think, I just think his confidence is down. I don't think the guys in OKC really want to involve him as much. He was family in Boston. He's emotional. His confidence is very low on offense, but on defense/rebounding/taking up space he's great.

As I said, name someone who makes less money than him who isn't on a rookie contract that would be a better fit for OKC.

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