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Default Re: Marc Stein : Bargnani "a lock to be moved"

Originally Posted by bokes15
I'm just happy that Lowry came back before Bargnani so people could see that the subtraction of Bargnani is by and away the largest factor to our improved team. But i'm also tired of their being so many questions surrounding this team. Do we trademCalderon or do we keep him. How much value do we get for Bargs and where do we send him. Do we tank or do we gun for an 8th seed. It sucks having a pilot who couldn't navigate to save his life.

-Trade Calderon, for any pick or young upside piece you can get, Calderon will have no role in this team winning a title, keeping him is a waste of a valuable commodity.

-Trade Bargnani, for nothing if necessary, in order to dump his contract and retain flexibility with respect to cap space. The ship has sailed, there is no reasonable viewpoint that suggests he will ever get it, cut bait, it's time to move on, he will never be a part of the solution. If you can get a future pick or a young upside piece along with an expiring deal, pull the trigger right now.

-Assess the trade market for Lowry, if you can return a profit on your original deal, get it done. Think objectively, will he sign here when free agency comes up after next year? Don't allow such a talented player to walk out the door in his prime. When in doubt, get the big package in return. You cannot let these pieces walk out the door for free.

-Assess the trade market for Demar Derozan (now overpaid), Amir Johnson (probably paid correctly), Landry Fields (LOL), and people like Aaron Gray, John Lucas, Linas Kleiza. With the exception of Amir, if you can get anything upside, future related, pull the trigger.

-As for the rest of this year, I think you just play it out, due to the strength of the draft, it's clearly preferable to give up the pick this year. I think we'll win enough to safely miss keeping it, so where we fall is where we fall.

-The key should be to win a title. How do you win the title? Make shrewd, objective decisions about your ball club, retain cap flexibility (to sign max players), or collect picks to find max players. We currently have neither.

I wouldn't trade Jonas Valanciunas, Ed Davis, or Terrence Ross. Emerging players, cheap contracts, high upside and a possible role in a title winner. Everyone else, I wouldn't hesitate to move if the price were right. To rebuild, you got to do it right and you can't deviate from the plan. With that said, Colangelo will never do this, so sit back, and enjoy the shit storm that's about to explode.
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