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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Cant believe ppl are now discrediting JDS win as a fluke. GSP-Serra was a fluke.

JDS is not Matt Serra. About the punch that dropped Cain, last time I checked thats what JDS does, his whole game is about throwing the hands and knocking dudes silly.

He went on an absolute tear through the HW division and until yesterday looked unstoppable.

Anyway he finished Cain in that first fight. Cain dominated JDS to a unanimous decision in the rematch.

Now whoever got the best of who, depends on your perspective. Some will say a 5 round manhandling is always better than a 1 minute KO.

Others will say a finish is always better than a decision.

Here's what I see, two heavyweights that are both highly skilled and highly dangerous, and who are each capable of beating the other.

Can't wait for the rubber match...
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