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Default Re: Which is more impressive?

Originally Posted by KG215
It doesn't bother me. It's 12:30 in the morning, I'm bored, and coupled with your posting history, the premise and agenda of this thread was obvious and I got a kick out of it. You provide me with entertainment because I know you're trolling. Whether it be lifelong message-board mission of disproving the "Jordan Mythologists", or subtly propping-up your favorite player with DRtg and not much else, I get a few cheap laughs out of your posts now; no more being bothered and getting upset by them.

Why is that my context (strength of defense and record of opposing teams) is dismissed as agenda or bias yet your desired context (teammate star power) is valued?

Especially since there is a clear relationship between opposing defensive strength impacting individual playoff stats yet little to no demonstrated impact of star teammates impacting individual playoff stats.

I can only shrug my shoulders at your reasoning.
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