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Default Re: Which is more impressive?

Originally Posted by KG215

Where did I say strength of defense and record of opposing teams wasn't valued? But that shouldn't be all the variables that are included in this particular argument. Strength of defenses and opponent's records are important. But so are things like role on the team and who their teammates were.

So I can only shrug my shoulders at only including certain things that fit your agenda and ignoring other things that don't.

Role on team and teammates strength for these two players don't result in what you seem to believe. Maybe if I repeat it for a third team you will acknowledge that Lebron's playoff statistics from 08-09 were superior to his individual playoff statistics from 10-11 despite the fact that defenses were forced to pay attention to two other all stars. In the same way Kobe's playoff stats were superior the 4-5 seasons post Shaq than when he played with Shaq in his prime.
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