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Default Re: Week 17 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
They were both win or go home, we were the WC with that win.

And I'm not comparing him to Ryan, I am pointing out that no one knows that stat on anyone other QB but Romo...all QBs that don't have a ring would have a bad "win or go home game" record.

The fact that Romo has played in 6? Could be seen as a good thing BTW
The Eagles were the wildcard. The first round game was in Dallas because you were the division winner.

Not seeing how the total # of those games makes a difference. If he had played in 20 of them it wouldn't make a difference unless he was winning them.

He choked in the most important game of the season. There's no argument about that. I respect Romo's talent. I think he's the most slippery, hard to tackle QB in the pocket. He makes plays out of nothing. He racks up stats.

But he choked when the pressure was on. He had 1 INT in the last 4 weeks and has 3 (including one that ended any chance of a comeback) in the most pressure packed game of the season. That throw wasn't even close to being an okay decision. He deserves all the blame he's going to get from the media and fans.

He blew it.

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