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Default Re: Marc Stein : Bargnani "a lock to be moved"

Originally Posted by bokes15
^^ In reading your post, I realized I actually never even considered the fact that it's a possibility that we have neither Calderon or Lowry on our roster next year. Which to me makes it even that much more important to make a long term commitment to one (preferably Lowry IMO) and trade the other. It would be a mess if we reach the end of the year with both of them and they both walk.
Why do we need to have one of them on the roster next year? If the Raptors are rebuilding with a new GM (what I hope) then you're basically tanking and developing your young players.

You don't re-sign Jose Calderon in his 30's to a multi-year deal if you're rebuilding. You don't necessarily need a player in his prime on the verge of a big contract like Lowry since you won't be a good team through his best years. It all comes down to a new GM being basically allowed to punt next year. At that point, who cares who is at PG unless it's a legit long-term option? Now Lowry might still be that but it all depends on what you can get for him in a trade.
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