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Default Re: NFL MVP & DMVP Rankings.


So, here's how it shakes down:

I believe Peyton should be the MVP. He has everything you check for plus a great story (coming back from neck surgery on a completely new team) that it would almost be hypocritical of voters to go elsewhere.

106 QB Rating (84.1 Total QBR, second highest ever recorded)
4650 yards
37 touchdowns
#1 seed in the AFC

If you checked it over, he would get an A for every category the voters base their vote on, or at least have in the past.

Adrian Peterson:

2097 yards on 6 yards per carry
13 total touchdowns (very low for MVP running back)
2300 total yards
#6 seed in NFC

Peterson gets very high marks for the yards. It's more impressive individually than anything individually Manning has done this year. But his touchdowns are low compared to past recent RB's who won the award....and he's on a 6th seed.

With all that said, I believe Peterson will get the MVP award. His stretch run is fresh in everyones mind (what have you done for me lately) and in the end I believe the voters are going to give it to him. I'd give him the OPOY award and Manning the MVP, personally. I think that's 100% the right call to make....but voters are dumb.

Watt will win DMVP running away.
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