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Default Re: Week 17 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by niko
I think the thing i argue about Romo is Cowboy fans seem to want to argue he's already had these type of victories practically because it's just a manner of time. He's already 33 and he's made a habit of not playing well (what they need him to do) in these type of games. It may change one day and he'll have a nice run but i'm not seeing evidence of it except hope.
Why is it always "his" victories? And not the Cowboys, or the other team getting credit?

90% if the people that viewed that game saw it as Romo's game to win or lose, and nothing else...its like no one on the field matters but him, from either team.

When the Falcons beat Dallas I read an article about how the fans were upset the media treated it as Romo losing, and gave them no credit for winning.

RG3 didn't win that game, or Morris, and Garrett didn't call bad plays, and the Dallas D was great at stopping the run...this had nothing to do with any of that, and EVERYTHING to do with Romo, the outcome of that game was 100% Romo.
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