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Originally Posted by Grinder
Ignoring the mocking tone - I've been lifting consistently for years, I said I hadn't pushed myself as hard as I had been in the gym the last 2-3 months. I'd been regularly benching 240-250 for a while when I was 190+ but never tried anything higher after the weight loss. As for the 10 reps, I didn't say they were all perfect form and "not too much trouble" meaning I didn't feel dead after doing them. Anyway, I put up 300 on the smith machine bench and don't really care about proving it further to a dude on the internet.

A professional lifter...lmao, I'm in medical school; I'd never entertain the thought of such a shit job

Oh ok that makes much more sense now, i thought you were using a regular bench to put that up. I can typically do about 30-40 more lbs on a smith machine bench then on a regular bench
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