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Default Re: Week 17 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Why is it always "his" victories? And not the Cowboys, or the other team getting credit?

90% if the people that viewed that game saw it as Romo's game to win or lose, and nothing else...its like no one on the field matters but him, from either team.

When the Falcons beat Dallas I read an article about how the fans were upset the media treated it as Romo losing, and gave them no credit for winning.

RG3 didn't win that game, or Morris, and Garrett didn't call bad plays, and the Dallas D was great at stopping the run...this had nothing to do with any of that, and EVERYTHING to do with Romo, the outcome of that game was 100% Romo.

Romo had the ball, down three, and promptly threw a pick. That's on him. QB's get judged on those plays. And don't get me confused with the trolls, my issue is always you act like Romo is a superbowl winning QB albeit without the Super Bowl. I find that ridiculous when year after year he does not come through. I'm not a person who thinks Romo sucks though. That's the clowns you are just trolling today.

And btw i don't want to hear he was hurt after the fact when he looked fine and when RG3 looked like his leg was super ****ed up. I find that ridiculous, it's Dwayne Wade like. (He played bad, oh btw totally not making an excuse but you should know he was hurt...)

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