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Default Re: Looking for basketball autograph collector named John

Originally Posted by west_tip
JMT - I've got a few autographs and was considering starting collecting. Aside from asking for personalization what did you find generated the best response by mail, sending an 8 x 10 or a plain letter? Sending stamps or an envelope enclosed etc? Any tips appreciated.

I usually sent a letter that made some personal reference to the person I was writing (ie why I wanted their signature). I encouraged personalization. Depending on how much I wanted the signature, I'd include pre-paid return envelopes. As the collection began to take shape, focusing on the Naismith HOF, I made contributions to the favorite charities of those I really wanted.

It was a great hobby that I really enjoyed. Recently I've been thinking about some new category I'd like to collect, whether sports or music. Always liked going after a specific group (basketball began with the All Time Top 50 list, then grew from there) and completing it. The key to enjoying it for me was having space to display everything.
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