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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Saw Zero Dark Thirty.

An odd movie, more downbeat than you would expect. Reminded me of Coppola's The Conversation.... about a lonely professional doing her job without joy. You would think it would have an uplifting ending but no.

Parts are great, pacing is so strange. Jumps years and years and chooses to dwell on certain moments in an almost naturalistic way. Also it's basically a needle in the haystack movie, and the beginning does not really do a good job about showing the haystack, it feels like the whole movie is seen through hindsight. Lots of context is just missing. Once they narrow down the haystack to about 2009, the movie really picks up. Also it was rumored to a be a pro Obama propaganda movie when it was set for release around 9/11, but it's anything but that at all. Politics is almost entirely absent from this movie as is the IRaq War
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