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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
You're not experiencing the film as itself that way. You're less likely to be fully transported by the story, if you
A. know where it's going.
B. are worried about what got cut out of the script.

It seems like you're watching the movie to watch the filmmaking and not the film.

When you talk about what gets cut out of the movie, ask yourself why they cut it out. It could be keeping that stuff in, whether it's great dialogue or a fuller backstory would actually make the film worse. And there's lots of ways this could happen. It could

A. Make the film too long.
B. Make the film too slow
C. Throw off the rythym of the movie.
D. Make some scenes redundant, because the audience can get information in other places.

A lot of stuff gets cut out a movie, because it simply doesn't work.

Lots of times, writing out something like a fuller backstory is helpful for the writer to figure out the story and for the actors to appreciate the character, but doesn't need to be part of the final story.

You're going to be prejudging the movie itself, by knowing the script. I think reading the script after a first viewing and then watching the movie again would be more rewarding in terms of looking at the filmmaking. Also seeing the movie first might make you think parts of the script were unnecessary.
None of what you say is wrong. Sure all that has to be taken under consideration. However, to only look at it that way.. it would be, a narrow-minded view.. If foreknowledge is a problem.. then why are there so many films that are re-watchable? Why are they not spoiled by knowing already what will happen? Its because there are so many things involved when watching and experiencing and analyzing a film.

More important than anything is attitude and expectation.. those two things are usually the biggest deterrence when it comes to enjoying a film that holds merit.
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