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Default Re: The Fiscal Cliff

Boehner should have taken the 2011 "fiscal cliff" deal. President Obama is a genius. Think about it. The Repugs on the House "Super Committee" crafted the budget bill known now as the "fiscal cliff." They were bluffing, thinking the cuts would never be allowed to happen. But the votes were real, and their bad bet is now the law of the land. Now the GOP geniuses are trying to weasel out of the deal by offering BS dressed up to look like concessions, to fool the teabaggers. No dice. They all voted for those tax increases and big cuts to the military. They get what they asked for. The joke's on them. Obama called their bluff. If the cuts and tax increases kick in - and it is probably too late to prevent that - it is the GOP's fault, and the American public isn't going to forget. President Obama called the GOP's bluff.
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