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Default Re: Picking up basketball at 16 as a soccer player(6'8)

Originally Posted by TheFastOne
Living in Holland there's a small chance you will get in touch with basketball. I'm 16 now and I really feel like playing basketball on a competitive level. I play soccer at a reasonable level making my debut at 15 for our first team. Another interesting thing might be that I'm 6'8. I outpace 90% of the people and I'm reunite good at positioning as a defender who has to go for the headers. I just wonder if it's true that your footwork improves from playing soccer.

There's a horrible court close where the ring hangs at least 1 foot too high, and when I go there I'm all by myself shooting jumpers or driving to the basket. Have any of you got tips on how to improve technically and how to train my body from a soccerbody to a hoopsbody.

Thanks for reading and helping out I'm advance

you dont really need anything to get into street ball but given your height and athelticism from soccer, i think you may have a chance of making it to more than street ball.

theres no secret, you just have to work hard, my advice would be focus on 1 thing at a time. (for example, focus on shooting, once you get pretty good at it, move on to something else and start adding to your game, or you can train on all aspects but you'll improve slow but steady which can be frustrating) i personally prefer that you excel at 1 thing first so you feel that you are becoming better, also when you have 1 deadly skill, it opens up all other aspect of the game much easier.
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