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Default Re: Week 17 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by niko
P.Tiddy, what is the media like in Dallas after this? Do they assign blame? Are they callign for Garrett's head?
honestly, I don't think anyone knows who to blame...

here is a thread in a Cowboy's forum where people are trying to figure out who to point the finger at

-you have the people that blame Romo 100% for everything
-you have the people that blame Garrett
-you have the people that just want to talk about Jerry the GM (yawn, so tired of that debate)
-you have the "we were injured crowd"

the reason we aren't in the playoffs is a little bit of everything

Looks like Garrett is staying, but will no longer be the play caller...maybe Norv Turner as the OC in Dallas...that is what it is looking like
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