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Default Re: Week 17 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Pacers4ever
So what's the point of bring dan marino up? What does it have to do with what we're discussing? Dan and romo were not in the similar situation they are in. Nor would fans be discussing getting rid of dan if he played for the cowboys right now.
that everyone views wins and loses as a QB stat with the exception of Marino for some reason...

even you are guilty of it just saying that the reason Dan is better is because "HE" got to the playoffs "THE DOLPHINS" got to the playoffs...and then "THE DOLPHINS" LOST with Dan every year he was there

same should be done with QBs today IMO...I'm so sick of what seems to be 95% of NFL fans ranking QBs by wins and loses...there are 52 other fcking players on the team

if you were to ask who played better between Luck and Romo this year I GUARENTEE that most people would say Luck...even though Luck had more INTs and a passer rating in the 70s...but THE COLTS TEAM are in the playoffs so naturally that means Luck was better than Romo this year.

It is so simple minded and stupid I just can't get over is how I ranked players in the 3rd grade
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