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Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
that everyone views wins and loses as a QB stat with the exception of Marino for some reason...

even you are guilty of it just saying that the reason Dan is better is because "HE" got to the playoffs "THE DOLPHINS" got to the playoffs...and then "THE DOLPHINS" LOST with Dan every year he was there

same should be done with QBs today IMO...I'm so sick of what seems to be 95% of NFL fans ranking QBs by wins and loses...there are 52 other fcking players on the team

if you were to ask who played better between Luck and Romo this year I GUARENTEE that most people would say Luck...even though Luck had more INTs and a passer rating in the 70s...but THE COLTS TEAM are in the playoffs so naturally that means Luck was better than Romo this year.

It is so simple minded and stupid I just can't get over is how I ranked players in the 3rd grade
Are you insane ? No I'm not saying Dan is better than Romo because of playoff appearances it's his skill alone that's put him in the very best QBS of all time. With no accolades involved Dan marino is arguable the best QB of all time with Peyton. But yes you have to be ****ing retarded if you take accolades or playoff appearances in the argument and think Romo deserves to be in the same sentence as Dan Marino. The Colts team are in the playoffs but everyone knows QB is the position where they are pulling most of the weight even you know luck > romo if you had to pick one right now, he's just the better prospect and romo has already peaked.
This is rmo best year in terms of yardage and pass attempts with nearly 100 more passing attempts than Marino's best year in yardage and still didn't pass him up yardage or even got close to his TDs. All that along with the fact Tony has better passing talent around him to throw to and in a era MUCH easier for passing. Please stop the comparisons. Romo is a good QB not elite bot second tier and there is no reason to get rid of him with the talent he has because franchise QBs are hard to come by, Flacco/Shaub are the lowest of franchise QBs and he is much than them.

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