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Default The Official ISH 2013 Goals Thread

Hey ISH! It's officially January 1st, 2013! Happy New Years to all! With every year, we have a set of goals we want to set and accomplish, some of us more than others complete those goals, others don't. What are your goals and set achievements for this year, why, will you complete them? Go ahead and make your list here, at the end of the year (December) we will bump this thread.

My goals as it stands are:

Hit the gym at LEAST 3 times a week every week and become somewhat fit
Weight gain (Specifically 20-25+ pounds by the end of the year)
Graduate College this year with my AS degree not to mention better grades
Be closer to my family
Help the community (services) in some type of way
Be a 100% faithful boyfriend to any girl I'm with

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