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Default Re: Picking up basketball at 16 as a soccer player(6'8)

I was in a similar situation to you when I began playing ball (A long time ago).Basketball really picked up in Spain back in 92' after the Olympics , so when I first got into it at that point I was already pretty old and was predominantly interested in football.

Same story with the hoop lol. There was one like running distance from my house but the grown was uneven (so forget working on your handle) and the rim was lower than it was supposed to be. Noone else was really interested in it, so i ended up there just shooting most of the time.

What football club do you play for? First team debut at 15

My main advice is to get someone to check you at least occasionally. It was really difficult transitioning from just shooting open shot after open shot to having to actually play against people . If you can't do that set up some cones or something to challenge yourself.

The next thing that helped me was actually having someone throw the ball to me during practices when I was in the US. It was just much easier to run off the ball and shoot because it meant having to deal with less defense.

My advice is if you don't have some sort of magically quick first step, watch Paul Pierce. His offensive footwork is some of the best I've seen for a guy with little real quickness. Learn the step back and all it's variants (especially the Nowitzki fade) , it's the most beautifully simple , practicable shot that's useful from almost any range, in any situation.

When you start getting into some competitive games or some pickup I will have more. You need to get an idea of what position you want to play. You're tall enough to be a center on most teams and if you're a center you want to focus on defense and rebounding.
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