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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Dream 18/Glory 4 is on today at 10 pm EST on CBS Sports Network. Or rather, the Glory portion is being shown tonight while the Dream portion is being shown tomorrow at 10 pm EST. The events already happened, so it's a tape delay showing. You might not want to google it since the results will come up.
I stayed up and watched the DREAM 18 MMA portion of the card and I'll just say I advise you guys watch it, it's really good. I missed the Le Banner vs. KOICHI Kickboxing fight from the card though.

I haven't watched the Glory 4 Heavyweight Tournament yet, but I'll watch it later.

Rolles Gracie, Minowaman, Tim Sylvia and Cro Cop also fought last night at the IGF INOKI-BOM-BA-YE card in Japan. Rolles beat someone by round 1 sub, Minowaman beat someone by round 1 sub with a heel hook, Sylvia lost to Satoshi Ishii by unanimous decision and Cro Cop beat former sumo wrestler Shinichi Suzukawa by round 1 sub with an armbar,
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