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Default Re: 2012 plans, New Year's Resolutions?

Originally Posted by DMV2
My main resolution for 2012 is simple, to stay the course of what I've been doing this year. (1)I want to know how to forgive and reconcile with family members and old friends. (2)Be more open, courteous, sincere with acquaintances and associates.

(3)I want to volunteer and help out this local Christian church that's been so good to me for a few years now. It's only fair if I give back. (4)And when I make plans and think of doing something, I'm going to physically do it! (5)Lastly, learn some kind of talent so I can keep people entertained- playing an instrument or drawing(well, good artwork anyway).
1. Nope, didn't do that
2. Yes, made some new friends
3. Didn't do it
4. Yes and no, sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't
5. Nope.
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