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Default White people who claim racism

I can't be the only person who is irritated by white people who go on about racism as if they are self appointed advocates for minorities.

Seriously, these people get on my nerves - they play up the issue of race with greater frequency than those who have a genuine reason to do so and it comes across as:
a) insincere and
b) patronizing.

All of my African American contemporaries are color blind - I've never once felt as if there is a color barrier - in fact the subject of race rarely if ever comes up so when I hear of whites trying to be "right on" I find it cringeworthy and fake. Okay, so the reason I bring this up is that a white person I know made the observation that the movie "Coming to America" is racist towards Africans which tbf might have some validity but it would mean a lot more coming from a black or African person - I have never met a single black person who has made that observation.

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