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Default Re: White people who claim racism

Originally Posted by west_tip
No, thats not what I'm saying. I'm saying that a black person would be better able to determine if something is offensive to them than a white person taking offense on their behalf.

Its strange to me - I've never heard a black person claim that "Coming to America" is racist, then a white person makes that observation.
How would they be better at determining it? It makes no sense. It's like saying Asians are better at determining how fast a car is. Everyone knows what racism is, it has a set definition and pretty much everyone has been in contact with it. Like tell me how the amount of melanin in your skin magically makes you understand it more than someone else when it is something set in stone and something we've all seen and heard about. Like if you walk down the street and see a picture of like a black guy with fried chicken in one hand, a basketball in the other, and they give him whatever other sterotypes people give to black people, how can you determine that's racist better than me?

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