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Default Re: Something I'd Like to Say

Originally Posted by Timmeh
Over the past few months I've been dealing with some depression issues and fighting off some past demons. I've undergone a personal internal housecleaning and I'm just getting rid of and changing a lot of things.

How does this relate to this forum? I hate the NBA. It is a shitty product. On top of that, the only team I have some resemblance of an interest in is the shittiest team in the league, and there are no signs of it getting better. I have desire to continue being a part of something that seems to be a failing endeavor.

So I'm hanging up my proverbial keyboard and leaving this forum. I only do this because I know at some point, someone will say: "Hey, where's that asshole Timmeh that used to post a lot here?" Well, now you know.


Timmeh--I feel like I've gotten to know you somewhat over the years, watching you mature from a high school kid to a grown man. I hate to think of you disappearing forever and will miss you.

Keeping you in my prayers while you work out your life. It can be tough, I know that for sure. I hope that you create a measure of peace and contentment in this new year.

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