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Default Re: Happy New Year Bobcats nation!

Originally Posted by ukballer
Title says it all.

After witnessing the Bobcats snap 'the streak' against the Bulls a bit earlier, it's put me in a good mood!

I tweeted to the Bobcats official Twitter page earlier supporting the team pre-game, and after they retweeted me, I got a lot of retweets of support from fellow Bobcats fans, and it was great to see the real, dedicated fans who stick by the team through thick and thin really coming out and supporting them. It's only a social media site I know, but it's something. Something that has raised my spirits big time, and reminds me that there are some loyal, true sports fans who aren't your asshole Kobe/LeBron/Clipper/Knicks stans who pollute the NBA forum here (Plenty of reasonable ones of course).

I've gone on long enough and not really come to an end point or conclusion, but yeah, Happy New Year Bobcats fans!

Same to you, UKB.
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