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Originally Posted by ukballer
The bigger Call of Duty commentators do YouTube full-time, such as Hutch, Seananners, xJawz, Wings Of Redemption (who is a dick), Woodysgamertag and plenty more.

Most if not all of the 2K commentators just do it in their spare time and work 9-5 jobs.

No idea if Smoove does it full-time though. He has enough views and subs to be able to if he wanted.

Smoove talked about it once. Saying he would never do youtube full time. He wants a real job, he just graduated college and is looking for a real job. However, he also already has his own house so he must have made a shit load of youtube. He does get six figure views per vid. Wingsofredemption does youtube vids fulltime and makes a living off it and he only gets like 35k views per CoD vid.
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