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Default Re: whatever you do, don't ever sell sh!t on ebay

Originally Posted by flipogb
sell like a professional even if you are just getting rid of some old stuff, its basic customer service. just list your own rules clearly in detail and the customer will pay your right away and stay in contact with them so they know they are getting the items. paypal is what it is, know the process and expect the time delays and you wont be upset.

if you want it simple, then go craigslist or have a yard sale
of course. i understand the rules, but i obviously didn't do enough research. i know about dodging fees with auctions and such, in which i did put the item i sold to a 3 day auction. i could've chose the no return option, but since this was my first item i was trying to sell, i figure putting a 7 day return would make the sale safe and entice buyers to commit.

i included free shipping, since i live in alaska, it can be a pain, but it only ran me back about 8 dollars with insurance and tracking. the buyer got the item in 3 days, but what im so pissed off about is how ebay/paypal is holding the money for 21 days since the buyer didn't leave a feedback. it sucks, but i can't knock the buyer, and its been over a week so he/she obviously liked the item.

they should only hold your money for however long the return option is, but no, they wanna hold my money so they can gain interest because their greedy cawk suckaz.

basically, if you're new seller on ebay, you're fukked! /lessonlearned
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