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Default Re: Your Playoff Predictions with a Super Bowl winner.

Originally Posted by D.J.
New England has always found a way to blow it over the past several years. A home game against the Texans is far from an automatic win. Hell if it wasn't for Lee Evans dropping a wide open pass in the endzone in last year's AFC title game, the Superbowl would have been Ravens/Giants.
If the Patriots have "always blown it" then the only teams that haven't "always" blown it are the NYG, Packers and Steelers. Only one of those teams is even in the postseason. People that dismiss the Pats over that kind of standard don't realize that that's one heck of a standard.

Beating Houston at home isn't a guarantee because nothing is in the NFL. But historically you don't beat Brady and Belichick in Foxboro. That's why the only other team I could see winning the AFC is Denver.
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