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Originally Posted by thebirdman
i seem to remember hearing that it went like this (bear with vague answer):

-if it's all your own content, you will make money just by someone viewing it.

-if it's using someone elses stuff, a game in this case (don't know all the things that fall into category) then you won't get money for just having it watched, you need to put advertisements on your vids to get paid. whether that means an ad played before your video and/or someone clicking on the add in the top right corner i don't know either.

i watched chicity a lot and on another video blogging site he went into detail about the amount of money he made from youtube and how he made it. one other source of income for him was his youtube videos being bought by television companies etc who want to use his videos. for example, we have a show called 'rude tube' in the uk that just plays youtube videos all the way through.

when he recieved the letter of request from the tv company -possibly via youtube, cant remember- he had the choice to take a flat sum of money and they could then use the video as many times as they liked after that, or he could ask to be paid for every time it was broadcast.

I remember a big youtuber, wingsofredemption, saying that YouTube now pays you for the amount of time your video is watched. A video that is 2 minutes long watched by 1,000,000 in full, will make more than a 6 minute video viewed by 100,000 in full.
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