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Default Re: My Ban Proposal To This Site: 3 Lies And You're Out Rule

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I propose we install a 3 lies and you're out rule here at this site.

From now on, starting henceforth - any member of this site that is caught lying 3 times will be permanently IP banned.

There will be no acceptance of twisting, skewing, or manipulating stats or facts to make up lies.

For example, saying something like, "player A averaged more points than player B" - when they did not. "Player A had better stats in such and such team or league" - when they did not. In general lying about anything relating to basketball here.

Such as, player A "won this and that award" - when they did not. Player A "played in this league" - when they did not. Etc.

I want everyone that has the balls for this to sign on for it here.

so you are saying you should be IP banned? You have been caught making shit up so many times its not even funny.
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