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Default Re: Bubble Watch: UCLA, UNC in, UK Out

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
a bubble thread before conference play even starts? relax, nothing to see here folks

individual records are not the only thing considered when tourney invites are decided.

Strength of schedule, conference strength, big matchups, RPI, conference tournament finish etc. UK will be fine. You are saying UK is gonna lose TWICE at home to conference opponents? How often does ANYONE win at Rupp, let alone in one season, to conference opponents. But you say UCLA will make it, even though they are in a weaker conference and already have lost to weaker teams. Give me a break, if you're gonna make a thread about this at least say something smart.

Before this season, UK hasnt lost at home, it happened already earlier in the season. This is a different UK team, they are just as good as an NIT team. The bright side is that, well, if most of these players stay for their sophomore year, they will be an even more stacked team with a strong recruiting class coming in.
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