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Default Re: Y'all know the Vikes are gonna make the playoffs right?

I'll admit that I got "son'd" in this thread. My prediction backfired, but who HONESTLY expected the 7-1 Bears to completely dismantle like they did? Who during my first initial claim the Viks would miss the playoffs HONESTLY knew A.P. would unleash and come within less than 10 yards of breaking the all-time rushing record?

The only reason I was son'd here was because I practically did everything short of guaranteeing Minnesota would miss the playoffs, which they obviously didn't. They're a feared team no matter who they play as long as A.P. performs well.

... and while it's certainly not happening, it'd be awesome to see both # 6 teams - being the Bengals and Vikings - make the big show (with the Bengals spanking the Viks, of course).
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