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Default Re: The Walking Dead Video Game

I just finished last night, and overall was really impressed. I was nearly moved to tears at the end. It wouldn't have been possible for them to show Clementine meet up with Christa and Omit at the train underneath the credit role?!?! They had to leave me hanging like that?!

Clementine really was an incredible character. Just a really unique driving force on the way I played the game unlike any that I can remember. It had a lot of similar themes to the show. The Utopian vision under extreme dictatorship. The Madness of saving a piece of a lost loved one. There was a lot there similar, but not the same enough to have spoiled anything.

I wish I knew more about what I was doing gameplay wise early on, because I wasn't even aware that I wasn't saving Duck in the first episode, which led to tension between Kenny and I, even though by Chapter II I had decided to side with Kenny against Larry. I played it as though Kenny and I were pals, but as the game progressed he became more beligerent about my trying to save Herschel's son instead of Duck, which I had no idea I was doing, which led me to become more agressive with him, and eventually we just didn't get along, even though that was never my intention.
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