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Default Re: Philadelphia Eagles Offseason/Draft/Free Agency News

Interviews set up with 3 Falcons assistants - Koetter, Nolan, and Armstrong as well as Mike McCoy from Denver. Bill O'Brien and Chip Kelly's name still floating. Who do you want?

I'm leaning heavily towards McCoy. He gave career years to Delhomme and Orton, changed an offense to help Tebow, and reportedly was a reason Manning went to Denver. Not to mention Manning will come back from a year off to win MVP with him. Also revitalizing the career of an aging McGahee. He's not afraid to run the ball which would be a change.

With how he's been with QBs he'd probably be the best for Foles' growth, and even if Foles doesn't turn out as good as we hope, I think McCoy can maximize his talent and hide his negatives.

I like O'Briens feisty attitude. Seems like he could light a fire under his team's ass. Not interested in Kelly or Nolan and know little about Koetter and Armstrong.

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