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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
In the first few games we were TERRIFIC defensively,limiting Miami and Philly to 84,84 and 88 points. After that the defense was getting worse but it was still pretty good limiting Dallas,Orlando,Indiana and New Orleans to 94,89,76 and 80 points. After that Texas road trip when we allowed 114 to Dallas and 131 to Houston everything has gone to hell.

We need to get back to playing good or at least mediocre defense. Bottom 5-10 defense just isn't going to cut it.
You said it correct...first few games, but that's not how you gauge def rating.

It changes up and down way too fast to be taken seriously in such a small sample, you need a larger sample to truly gauge that.

Now that the games have a legit sample and real stats can be put into place, what you see now is a more accurate tale.

Solid on offense mainly powered by Melo and the teams threes, low turnovers, combined with an average defense that gets alot of steals.

The offensive production has pretty much been a constant all year long and that is what was carrying the team, even in the beginning.

Everyone noted that the team would not be able to sustain their blistering offense, especially from three, but they have.

So what changed? Just look at the slow starts.

We field three starters that at this point dont even need to be guarded(Kidd, Brewer, Kurt), thus the opponent doesn't use any energy on defense themselves and can be aggressive as the want to be on offense.

Forcing a team to work hard on defense affects their offense, our starting lineup is not making the opponent work hard at all.

Interesting you mentioned Miami, but how do they generate alot of their points? In transition by forcing turnovers, but we don't turn the ball over, so Miami would naturally have a hard time scoring.

That's not defense, that efficient offense.

See article, note the offensive explosion

Highlights of that game...a 16 point 1st quarter from Melo, 5-5 from the field for Tyson, and 17 points from Novak on 5-8 from three.

The Knicks had a 33 point first quarter.

When was the last time that has happened?

And now that the games have settled take a look at Philly, they are one of the worst offenses in the entire league.

Yeah it looked like defense, but really those guys just can't score no matter who they play.

Speaking of the rest of the other EARLY games.....

Weren't we down at the half to Dallas in our 4th game of the season with them having like 55-57 points at the half with them scoring like 34 points in the 2nd qtr?

Didn't we trail Orlando after the 1st in game number 5 which wound up being a dogfight throughout until half way in the fourth?

Weren't we TRAILING SA before Felton put on the superman cape in game 6?

Sorry man, we've always won games with an efficient offense, and turning up the defense later in the game.

Kidd and Brewer especially were well above their normal play, now they are arguably our two worst starters now...the clear difference in winning and losing.

The thought of a top 5 defense just was not there, not enough sample.

It was mostly high offense.
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