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Default Re: 2013 NFL Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by irondarts
Yes the Chiefs need a QB, but this class is so weak that it would be a terrible mistake to take a QB #1 overall who doesn't deserve to be the first pick just for the sake of taking a QB.

Botching a #1 overall pick on a bust of a QB can really set a franchise back. Obviously a lot will change from now until draft day, but at this point if the Chiefs took Barkley it would be a bad mistake, IMO.

If they desire a QB #1, the pick should be Geno Smith. But IMO they should go another direction and try to get a QB in free agency (Alex Smith) and take a developmental QB in the 2nd or 3rd rounds (Tyler Wilson, Tyler Bray, EJ Manuel, Landry Jones, Ryan Nassib).

This draft obviously lacks a franchise QB, but it has a lot of QB's who could potentially start if they develop for a few years. Taking Barkley first would pressure the Chiefs to start him from day one and it wouldn't be pretty. He just doesn't possess elite or even great physical tools.

I think you sell Barkley short as a prospect. He is 6'2....more than adequet, he has a good enough arm, which is all that matters. His best attribute is anticipating and throwing accuracy, which is one of the most important things you can have going for you. He is experienced at the college level. His intangibles/off the field character/leadership/interviews will all be pluses for him.

Barkley's worst case scenario is falling to #7. I think he goes to KC since quarterback is their biggest need and a huge reason why they had the season that they did. They have borderline great talent on the team, the QB play just brought them down immensly.
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