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Default Re: Black Monday Thread (Firings)

Originally Posted by AngelEyes
He has a job because of the extension he signed last season that runs through 2015, I believe. Detroit doesn't want to dump him with that many years left. It's too bad because it would be nice to see what a decent coach could do with Stafford and Megatron, as well as Suh on defense, who don't think has fulfilled his potential.

The extension is irrelevant. He's not making enough money in the next 2 years to justify keeping him around. Schwartz still has a job because the owner doesn't like change and seemingly doesn't care enough to promote a winning attitude. The only coaches who lost their jobs are the coaches who should have kept their jobs. The Special Teams coach is still on board (Idiot who kept Logan on return duty as well as ceding many return td's), the qb coach who doesn't help Stafford with throwing off his back foot, and the offensive coordinator who seems to think that the Lions will be able to establish a good running attack in the first half every god damn game.
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