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Originally Posted by irondarts
Yes the Chiefs need a QB, but this class is so weak that it would be a terrible mistake to take a QB #1 overall who doesn't deserve to be the first pick just for the sake of taking a QB.

Botching a #1 overall pick on a bust of a QB can really set a franchise back. Obviously a lot will change from now until draft day, but at this point if the Chiefs took Barkley it would be a bad mistake, IMO.

If they desire a QB #1, the pick should be Geno Smith. But IMO they should go another direction and try to get a QB in free agency (Alex Smith) and take a developmental QB in the 2nd or 3rd rounds (Tyler Wilson, Tyler Bray, EJ Manuel, Landry Jones, Ryan Nassib).

This draft obviously lacks a franchise QB, but it has a lot of QB's who could potentially start if they develop for a few years. Taking Barkley first would pressure the Chiefs to start him from day one and it wouldn't be pretty. He just doesn't possess elite or even great physical tools.

A year ago Barkley was considered to be a top prospct and a top 10 pick even with Luck and RG3. I don't think he's fallen but rather he just had an unfortunate season where expectations where to big. His stats alone warrant him of being a 1st round pick. I also see how people make the connections between Leinart and Sanchez, former SC QB's, but I think he's different as he has a much better work ethic than Lienart(****er would just party lol) and he's much more polished than Sanchez who only started one season at USC.

The Chiefs have ALWAYS been grabbing veteran QB's to be their QB and have never developed a QB of their own. I think someone posted here not too long ago that a KC hasn't had they have selected won a game for them since 1983.. Cassell, Quinn, Trent Green(good player), Damon Huard, Elvis Grbac, etc, etc..

I'm not saying select Barkley #1 but draft the best QB in the draft at wherever they can get him. If they can move down to #7 and draft him then so be it.

As for the reaching of QB's, it's always the case. Like I said before Cam, Stafford, Rodgers, Ryan, etc, were all considered "reaches" and all of them turned out to be studs. I don't think Barkley is any different and I think he'll be a good QB in this league.
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