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Default Re: How much better would the Warriors be if they still had monta?
Originally Posted by SacJB Shady
Is that lets say the trade doesn't pan out so well next year. Well to be blunt, what do you have to lose? When have you ever won with Monta anyway? Why do they ACT like they have something to lose when they were still one of the worst teams with or without Monta? You are not winning with Monta anyways. You had him playing next to Steph Curry, one of the best shooters in the league. GSW has always been a high scoring team. Still no wins. So i don't see why fans act like they can get much worse as it is. Still would have lost with Monta. Now Klay Thompson takes his spot. The team adds a center, they are gonna get some drafts. Some fans on youtube are kids and they don't know ANYTHING about the nba. They can't even say Bogut's name right and act like he sucks and all they say is that Monta is they N*gga. They cat. He is the reason they watch. But that doesn't mean anything. They act like getting a center is a crazy idea. I just don't get it. I want to tell them to get over themselves about saying Monta is the best, because they couldn't win EVER with him!!!! NOTHING TO LOSE AT THIS POINT, RIGHT??!!! It's not like LA trading away Kobe after him winning them 5 rings....
You said this right after the Monta trade happened. You weren't even a Warriors fan then as well.
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