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Default Re: How doesnt this hit get its own thread?!

Originally Posted by TheSilentKiller
The context surrounding the play makes it even better. Michigan converts a very controversial first down and the refs don't measure. Clowney takes the ball and gives it back to its rightful owner.

I love how he just scoops it up with one hand

That's not really how it happened.

Michigan ran a fake punt. It was very close and the officials did measure. The controversy came when it appeared by the angle of the ESPN camera that the ball was short of the marker, but the officials signaled a first down. It was one of the stranger moments I have seen during a game.

On the replay, it actually did look like the Michigan player reached the first down marker and it should have been a first down (South Carolina challenged the spot), but where the officials marked it and on the measurement, it appeared about a centimeter short.

So, yes, it was controversial, but I thought the mark was a little in SC's favor in the first place and, if anything, it would have been moved in Michigan's favor on the replay of the spot.

But, as we can see, it was all for nothing. Clowney was actually very quiet all day long. Taylor Lewan kept him bottled up for the vast majority of the first three quarters. But, he played a big role down the stretch. He had another really hard hit on Michigan's go-ahead scoring drive.

Kid is a beast. He needs to figure out how to have that motor going at all times, though, and not just when he feels like it.
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