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Default My Thoughts On The Cats So Far

Well after a strong start I knew we would hit a losing streak. I just didn't think it would last 18 games. Anyway, we finally got that elusive 8th win and avoided going 0-December. Here's my take on the team going forward.

MKG- Wow this guy is all that and a bag of chips. He's making the typical rookie mistakes (foul trouble, giving up the fist step, etc.) but you just know watching him that the sky is the limit with this kid. He still has that hitch in his jump shot but I kind of feel it's like an ugly golf swing. As long as it works, who cares?

Jeff Taylor- So far he's the best 2nd round pick in team history. Like MKG he's got some learning to do but his upside is huge.

Kemba Walker- I had a feeling we would see some improvement from Kemba this season but he has surpassed anything I've hoped for. He's on his way to becoming an elite, if unconventional, PG. He's not a good shooter, but then neither was Isaiah Thomas. I see a lot of similarities between the 2. If we keep the young core together for a few seasons I think we'll see Kemba's scoring go down and his assists go up.

Bismack Biyombo- The jury is still out on Biz. It's hard not to like his energy and work ethic and he's a decent defender but he has no real post moves offensively. He could really benefit from spending the off season working with someone like Olajuwon.

Byron Mullens- See above. I like the kid but he relies too much on the outside shot. He needs to realize that he's 7 ft. tall.

Brendan Haywood- I liked this signing but now you can see that he's just going through the motions and cashing his paycheck. I understand why Dallas didn't want him.

Ramon Sessions- The team seems to do well when Ramon is on his game and likewise he was struggling during the losing streak. I think part of the problem is Dunlap playing him with Kemba out of the need for some scoring. If we had a reliable scorer then Sessions could settle into being the #2 PG.

Gerald Henderson- Solid as usual. It was tough losing him to injury and he's still working his way back but he's such a strong physical presence at the 2. Hopefully he's a good mentor for Taylor.

Ben Gordon- Too streaky and expensive for my tastes.

Reggie Williams- Big disappointment this year. At least he's cheap.

Gana Diop- nuf said.

Tyrus Thomas- He was playing some of his best ball in 3 years before his injury. I hope he comes back with the same enthusiasm.

Hakim Warrick- Solid. I'm glad Dunlap is giving him more playing time.

Jeff Adrien- Nice pick up from the D league. Gave the Cats some solid, productive minutes against the Bulls.

Mike Dunlap- I like that he's working with the young guys on the fundamentals and they seem to like and respect him. He's still got a learning curve himself and he's not afraid to change what isn't working. I think by the all-star break we'll see some more consistency in the rotations.

What we need: Mostly we need to keep the core of Kemba, MKG, Biyombo and Taylor together and build around them. As much as I like Hendo, I think he's more valuable as trade bait. Keep the young core together and add a pure shooter and a low post scorer to the mix through the draft, trades and FA.
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