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That Nets team broke down. Kidd and Kmart went into that series needing surgeries that ultimately changed their careers. Kidd was already older at that point and had the Microfracture surgery. Kenyon needed it, but it was a contract year and he played a season in Denver before getting it, and ultimately that season in Denver screwed up both of his knees.

But...yes the Pistons were a great team. They didn't have a superstar, but they had all star level players that knew their roles, and performed them well. Even though they had some success afterwards though, the success of that team resided with Larry Brown for the most part. He got them to fully buy in, and made the Sheed addition work seamlessly. But, it started with a great defensive frontcourt (Rip and Chauncey played their roles defensively too, but neither were all defensive worthy in the least...maybe Rip more than Billups who actually made the team one year), Linday Hunter off the bench was great defensively too. And offensively, they were just a bunch of unselfish guys that played for each other.
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