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Originally Posted by d.bball.guy
Same. I also like to watch DCoop. I don't watch those Madden commentators but I'll try to check xChaseMoney out.

I used to watch Coop quite a lot when I first starting watching a lot of commentaries. I think he did a dual comm with Smoove and that's how I found him.

I went off him a bit though, he never seems to prepare himself in his videos, he just goes off on random tangents that don't always make sense or have no correlation with the video or gameplay he puts out, and he changes the subject so quickly and so randomly too. One second he'll be talking about the NBA, then he'll randomly start talking about something that happened at school to him the other week.

He's still alright though, but yeah, QJB, IKC, Wyza and all those guys are my top Sports games commentators. And yeah definitely check Chase out.
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