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Originally Posted by jlip
While the numbers may be slightly off from the ones mentioned in the OP, the balanced offensive style of play was run by several championship teams such as the 60's Celtics, '77 Blazers, and Bad Boy Pistons.

Red Auerbach: If the NBA's weekly Top Ten meant anything, the Celtics's wouldn't have any right to compete in the league. We seldom had anybody among the leading scorers. We might have had Cousy leading in assists (or K.C. later), Sharman in foul shooting (or Larry Siegfried later), or Russell in rebounding (before Mr. Chamberlain), or Sam Jones hanging in among top scorers. Where did we get all the points then? Without cluttering up that list of the Top Ten, we always had six or seven men scoring in double figures.

Oh, it's nice to have superstars but winning basketball goes beyond the superstar.

The secret is balance. The secret is teamwork. The secret is hustle, desire, pride, sacrifice. The secret is defense; my guys knew they had to stop the other side and not just depend on their own offensive power. They knew I would never keep them in there to build up their own averages but only to help us win. They knew I didn't look at the statistics -- can you measure heart with numbers? -- but only at the games, one after another.
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