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Originally Posted by LBJFTW
What other teams have won it all without having a single player average more than 17.6 ppg during the regular season and 21.5 ppg in the playoffs?

What other team has had 4 players all on the all-star team that same year with such low ppg compared to other teams?

All this talk about 1a/1b Shaq/Kobe, Jordan/Pippen, Wade/Lebron and who's better.

Who cares? Basketball is a team game and it's rather moot to worry about 1a/1b issues when you have a team like the 04 pistons that showed the world how to win a championship without having a 28ppg superstar on your team.
Quoted for truth. Team trumps individual achievements everytime. When the Pistons beat the 04 Lakers it showed that with hard work anyone can beat the elite. It literally was David vs. Goliath that year. And they almost repeated in 05 against the Spurs but they were so stacked at the time it was ridiculous.

I have never seen a team like that win a championship since I started watching basketball.

I think the Spurs are the team closest to what the Pistons were at that point.

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