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Default Re: The Thunder will be unbeatable in 3 years

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
Yeah, as a Nets fan I am fully aware of this 'cause that idiot Bruce Ratner destroyed the Nets team that went to NBA finals two consecutive times by sending Martin and Kittles away. Since then, we were never again a title contender. Rod Thorn saved his ass by pulling a Carter trade, but still Eastern Conference Semi-finals was as far as we could go with that rosters.

The Suns had a similar situation with Nash, and seriously your team was even more talented than the 01-04 Nets. The owner kept making the team worse, despite the fact that Nash and Stoudemaire were both getting better to keep the team a contender until 08. It sucks whenever your owner makes a move, your team gets worse. Too bad Steve Kerr had to be the scapegoat back then, there wasnt really much he could do.

So If I were a Thunder fan I'd be really scared, with an owner who refuses to improve the team you have no realistic hope at titles. Just look at Hornets ex-owner and Bobcats' owner Michael Jordan, you know the impact of an owner. No matter what a GM you have, he cant do anything if the owner cant be bothered to spend one more dollar than he already does.

your nets team during jkidd era has never been a contender in my eyes. Its just a product of weak eastern conference. Whereas what the thunder was doing was what shouldve been the suns doing. They shouldve traded marion for a true center and made johnson their 2nd option. Thats what the thunder are doing which is to take risks. the core of harden/durant/westbrook isnt winning anything. Bigs wins in this league and they have a weak frontcourt. Their only chance of getting a big is through the draft coz they arent the lakers or knicks who can attract free agents. Harden was drafted as a BPA and not of need so once he pans out, he should then be sold.
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