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Default Re: The difference 1 or 2 games make

Originally Posted by elementally morale
It's natural he felt that way. After all, it would sound crazy to say: "Well, yeah... I lost all 5 games. It pains me to think about how much better I could have become... and I didn't. I may be good but could have been a lot better."

On another note, I'm not American -- and I know this to also be a cultural thing. In the American way of life, winning is everything (and if not, it is the only thing). It's mainly because the US won pretty much everything in the last century or so. In Europe, pure effort is given a bit more credit. And in Asia, way more.
Sure wilt could've gotten luckier and had a few more rings but I think his attitude and style of play are karma for what happened and indicative of the results. All he cared about was himself and scoring. Where as his opponent Russell couldn't have been more opposite mentally.

And then when wilt took a more team oriented role later in his career focusing on passing instead of scoring he started winning rings. Makes sense.
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